it’s so unfortunate that i had mikey at sixteen. i was so young and shitty and naive and i think about it sometimes and i just want to fucking rip my heart out i did everything wrong i was such a fucking idiot what the hell was i thinking 

but honestly, we wouldn’t work together now. so i’m glad things happened when they did, even if it means i have to remember things with regret and embarrassment 

i love him just the same, always will 

some boy i don’t even know yet got me all twisted

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i’m getting outta here, i’ll be out of here in four years and that is the most relieving feeling i’ve ever known

in four years i’ll be done with college, and everything i used to know and everything i’ve hated for nearly 10 years will become part of my past. i have a plan and knowing it’s happening makes my heart beat quickly and my eyes tear up 

i’ve never had hope like this before, not ever, and it feels so fucking foreign to be unconditionally happy 

but that’s exactly how i feel all the time, just happy that i have one foot out the door and that every single day makes my dreams more tangible and real 

for the first time in my entire frickin life i am happy and there is no ‘but…’

i have a future and a plan and i am making progress to attain my goals and i have so much hope that my life is actually going to turn out how i want it to, and that i’ll only get happier 

Anonymous:  10, 31, 32

10. Greatest dream:

I move to Korea with Daniela by 2017, I’m 22 and I’m an English teacher for a nice public high school. All of my students are chill as fuck and think I am a cool dude. I meet Kim Namjoon and we fall in love and I quit being a teacher. We’re really happy and in love and we take naps together and wake up and go out and wander around Seoul and hang out with Daniela a lot.

31. First kiss story:

Shit, bad story. I was like 12 and someone asked me to be their girlfriend and I said yeah and we kissed? It sucked he owes me $80 I still remember that motherfucker

32. First sex story

I was very nervous because I had liked this boy a lot (for years) and I was very scared but he made me feel comfortable so it happened. I cried afterwards, because I felt really ugly but he comforted me and made me smile and laugh and I stopped being a big ‘ole baby because I realized this boy liked me a lot too and sex was cool 

I’m so sorry to anyone who watched me do the lil kiyomi dance just now 

weird day weird day

s/o to all the boys in k-pop groups who will never love me 
love me again

when i was like 14/15 i was really popular on tumblr and now i’m not

i guess being really into skramz is how you get people to like you on the internet

things are different now because i don’t really like anything i kind of just exist